This is my Now page (inspired by Derek Sivers), describing in more detail what I am currently doing in my life.

It is kind of like the About site but more up-to-date. I think it is useful to have as a way to hold myself accountable for things I intend to do. It also helps me to reflect upon if I spend my free-time in a way that is beneficial to reach my goals.

Last Updated: February 29 - 2024


  • working on a digital product in my spare time 👀
  • playing and exploring Generative AI (fascinated by Midjourney)
  • ramping up my cycling training for the upcoming season. I am planning to cross the alps in two days from Munich to Lake Garda (Italy) in late spring
  • researching Micro Private Equity in the context of bootstrapped SaaS businesses (I am not sure if this is a thing yet, but I am interested in the concept), will write a blog post about it soon