I will skip the 2020 rant - we all know it was a special year. Yet, it was one of many learnings for me personally.

The Good

  • working from home works quite well (given the right team)
  • being stuck at home with my girlfriend most of the time is not a recipe for disaster
  • Daily Yoga and meditation is like a super-power 🧘‍♂️
  • Turning 30: feeling pumped for the new decade of my life 💪

The Bad

  • I have stopped running longer distance (>5k) due to recurring knee problems 😭
  • I have not written as many articles as I planned to

Overall, I have learned a lot, dabbled into personal side-projects and discovered the indie-hacking scene. These books in particular I read heavily inspired me to create more this year:

My main take-away is that in order to be truly free and independent, you have to be a maker. Being reliant on a single source of income is generally not a good idea when valuing freedom. Nassim Taleb’s quote here comes to mind:

The three most harmful addictions: heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary.

Thus my goal for 2021 is to reduce some of these harmful addictions and above all: have fun 😄