I know it’s almost too late for a new year’s speech (rather talk, or blog entry!). Gym owners are most likely already in agony as they see the hordes of new years resolution joiners already quitting those shiny new contracts. But not here! What does this year have in store for me (and for you?).

On a general note, I want to use this blog primarily as a practice for my writing and occasional sharing of projects. It mostly a personal thing. If readers happen to like it, that’s great - but it is not my main motivation.

A lot has happened for me the past year, professionally as well as personally, with more exciting things lined up.

Here is a list of things I want to achieve for this year!

  • regularly go the gym 4-5 times per week
  • pass an AWS cloud examination
  • speak at a conference
  • read at least 25 books

I am really looking forward to this year!