Public speaking as an exercise · alex franz

Public speaking as an exercise

Two weeks ago I had the great pleasure to co-organize the AI in Action MeetUp at the office of my employer Sennder. With the MeetUp’s theme centered around mobility and logistics, I had the honor of presenting a talk on Geospatial Feature Engineering.

Presenting a talk at the local MeetUp.

Presenting a talk at the local MeetUp.

Start small - practice often

Public speaking is still considered to be amongst the most dreaded activities for people (Glossophobia) - this used to apply to me as well. If you are able to overcome this, the dividends it pays are remarkable. You learn to condense ideas and convey them into a manner that makes them accessible to a wider audience. I don’t claim to be good at it but as you do more of these exercises you do become better.

It doesn’t have to be TED Talk, try the present something to your team or your colleagues. Do it often and seek honest feedback. Rinse and repeat and move to bigger stages.