Working less to work more. · alex franz

Working less to work more.

Since this month I will be dedicating more time towards my personal development. I have reduced the regular 5-day work week at my current job by a day and now have additional time to pursue personal projects 🙌

This is just the start but it already feels liberating to know that I can dedicate more time to grow personally.

So what’s the plan? Overall, I want to become more of a fullstack engineer and ship great products to generate additional income. Having worked on mostly Python data stack and webservices in the last few years, I am ready to get deeper into creating frontend for my applications.

This means learning more about design, marketing and (finally) how to ship products that users love and solve real problems 💪.

I have already dipped my toes into a side-project that I shipped rather silently called It is a simple website but solves a real problem I was having - searching postalcodes. I have a few ideas for other products that are loosely related to geographic data. Stay tuned!